Packaging Concept: STEMpack

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Concept packaging that aimed to address the workplace diversity problem in technical industries through the power of play and long-term thinking.

Women are drastically under-represented in technical fields, and studies suggest that these gender roles are defined from a young age.

By introducing packaging which has a second function as a gender-neutral STEM toy, girls will receive an opportunity to explore their own interest in science - without the barriers of gender-specific marketing and projected societal stereotypes.

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STEM pack is a means to get a toy which introduces science into people’s homes without limitations or cost.

The design introduces children to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) concepts through a construction toy which is created from parts within the cardboard box itself, along with instructions and an explanation of the science behind it.

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The packaging works at multiple ages and levels:

  • Teaching STEM concepts to children.
  • Helping develop construction and assembly skills.
  • Encouraging customisation through neutral design (they can draw all over it, make it their own).
  • Encourages bonding between child and parent, to build the toy together and discuss how it works.

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This concept also offers a toy to those that might not otherwise have one: in developing nations, aid packages could have educational toys built into the packaging too.

The pull-back race-car is just one example of an educational toy that could be integrated into packaging - other STEM principles could be demonstrated through other versions of the pack.

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Innovation in minimalism:

The toy requires ZERO glue, scissors or sellotape to assemble. We intelligently make use of household objects to maximise scalability of the design and minimise production cost - with nothing more than pencils to act as axles, and an elastic band to provide propulsion, the toy comes to life! A true and educational re-use of the power of packaging.

Just assemble, with the simplicity and elegance of LEGO.

Waste reduction:

This concept offers a second life to packaging which would otherwise be thrown away. The proposed model is to integrate STEMpack into generic shipping cartons - for example, through a partnership with Amazon, allowing all deliveries to have an educational toy integrated into the pack.