Podchef - workplace healthy eating device

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In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find the time to eat healthily.


  • People are too busy to cook, want to enjoy free time
  • Office may not have a kitchen
  • Cold/pre-cooked food is unappealing
  • Buying lunch out is expensive

This design was selected by Zyliss as a winner of Design Week, and to be progressed into a real product, with the IP retained.

- Designed within 1 week


A hassle-free way to eat cheaply and healthily at work.

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Modular vacuum flask with an induction heating pad making the main chamber boil.

This allows for versatile & convenient cooking, meaning that the user can get the energy they need, as well as variety in their diet.


  • Choice - cook and eat fresh everyday
  • Cheap - buy your own ingredients
  • Quick - low effort and quick clean design
  • Real food - no need for junk food
  • Kitchen-less - all it needs is a power socket
  • Hot - cooked at your desk, and stays hot

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Sleek, minimal styling with gentle contours. Premium metal finish, glossy transparent sections & bright playful accent colours to create a compelling high-end item.

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Low fidelity foam prototypes and high fidelity rapid prototyping were used to quickly flesh out the ideal form within the 1 week timeframe.