Rethinking the mobile network

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Re-thinking the future of communications operators within the person-to-person communications space.

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Stay connected on your terms

By running consumer ethnography work and interviews, we discovered that consumer perceptions are that:

  • Mobile network coverage isn’t good enough
  • There is a feeling of lack of control with communications (unable to switch off etc.)
  • Communications can be hard work - e.g. long replies
  • Communications should work across all of their devices

By taking a holistic look at the trends driving the shift in consumer expectations, I designed an entire service framework concept for richer communications that can be managed more easily, and that provide greater control with less effort.

Design principles

  • Meet the user where they are.
  • The user is always in control.
  • Connectivity shouldn't be the user's problem.
  • Open & transparent.
  • Communications should enable life, not get in the way of it.

People-powered communication

Messages & calls can travel person-to-person - not only back to a central authority.

The more people join the mesh, the greater its power and reach - truly, people-powered communication.

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All your messages & calls. In one place. On any device.

Device, SIM & mobile-network agnostic - it works everywhere.

Everything you need: Make video & voice calls, check voicemail & send messages - to any mobile number.


Create different personas and numbers for different situations:

Family abroad? Create a local number for that country.

Share a number with a team, or a household - calls & texts can be answered by any member.

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Turn on additional power-ups e.g. professional features like conferencing, or link to other services like Slack.

You make the rules...

Comms on your terms – choose who reaches you, when and how.

Effortless – automate actions to make comms work for you. In-app bot can act on your behalf.

Rule creation - in the easy context of a sentence ----->

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...and control when you can be reached.

Rule scheduling - as easy as setting an alarm, following established design patterns for immediate ease of use.