Product Management: TU Go

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What is TU Go?

TU Go is a messaging app, which allows users to call, message & more, all over wifi - without the other party needing an app. It allows users with poor coverage to stay connected to their usual cellular communications - particularly essential for business and emergencies. Users can call the UK from abroad at no charge. TU Go makes your calls, texts and voicemails multi-platform - meaning that you never miss that all important call... even if your phone is broken or has a dead battery.

My role

I ran the product in the UK, working with a remote cross-functional product team across Brazil, Israel and Spain, and regional integration teams across South America. I pivoted the UK product's positioning, launched new features and channels, & saw growth, including a doubled user-base and increased engagement.


Consumer minimum expectations from a messaging product have rapidly shifted, with demands for richer communications, such as video and group conversations expected as standard. In response to market demands, we developed and launched such features as video, image sharing, group messaging - whilst maintaining the product USP - that the other party doesn't need to have the service in order to join the conversation. Whilst this USP meant a better experience for users on and off the service, it also had second-order effects, such as limiting the product's ability to leverage network-effect.