Sustainable Clothing Project: Stay Gold Co.

Sustainable Clothing Project: Stay Gold Co.

Stay Gold Co is an sustainable clothing company project that I launched and developed from the ground up, but which rapidly grew beyond my expectation. The role required involvement at all levels, from apparel design and manufacture through to e-commerce, storefront management and distribution. Some of the skills that were needed were self-taught as required, such as design for screen-printing, and website building. Extensive market research and promotional activities were undertaken, utilising social media channels and co-ordinating others in marketing campaigns and videos.

About the brand:

Stay Gold Co is an independent British apparel company with hand screen-printed products that place an emphasis on quality. All Stay Gold Co. products were produced in limited, numbered print-runs, which were locally sourced and ethically produced in the United Kingdom..</p>

The project has now been retired, but some of it can still be viewed here: